We provide professional mobile home foundation inspections, leveling and foundation repairs
for manufactured housing in central California. We specialize in re-leveling mobile homes and
use the most accurate easy to read leveling equipment. Under the mobile home we lift and
lower the steel frame with house jacks to level your mobile home.

$450 Flat Rate! Mobile Home Foundation Inspection and Leveling

Mobile Home Leveling From Los Angeles to Fresno and San Luis Obispo to Riverside.

All work is done under the home and normally takes about 3 hours.

The inspection is to know where it's level and where it needs adjusting.  Also inspecting the
condition of your foundation piers and if any would need replacement.

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work and confirm the location and time. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.
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Water is the main cause for a manufactured home to be out of level.
Rain water, landscape over watering and water leaks under the home.
Other causes are dry rot and rust of foundation piers, digging rodents and a bad original setups.
Skirting should be complete with mesh screen vents to prevent animals from causing damage.
You should have your home mobile home level about every three years.
During our visit we would be happy to discuss any cracks, squeaks or sticking doors concerns.
We find mobile homes with loose or missing piers tend to shake and squeak more.
If additional foundation piers are needed we carry many sizes on the truck.
"All  work is guaranteed."

More on our $450 Flat Rate! Mobile Home Foundation Inspection and Leveling

Leveling a mobile home in Los Angeles
Mobile home leveling lifting jack 2019
JP Mobile Home Leveling and Foundation Repair in California
A very level mobile home done by JP Mobile Home Leveling
"We inspect, repair and level what holds your mobile home up."
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All the work is done under the mobile home.
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